how is the scope for law

The scope for careers in law is quite vast and varied. There are many different areas of law to specialize in, such as corporate law, criminal law, family law, intellectual property law, and more.[1][3] Additionally, there are diverse career paths for law graduates, ranging from traditional roles such as attorneys and judges to nontraditional roles such as legal consultants, compliance specialists, and legal technology professionals.[2][4] Careers in the legal sector are considered to be well-paid, respected, and exciting with ample opportunities for professional growth.[5]

LLB in India has a vast scope and several employment options are available after graduation. Some of the popular LLB job opportunities in India include working in law firms, MNCs, government agencies, judicial bodies, banks, and litigation, among others [1][4]. LLB graduates can also become lawyers and work in the legal profession [4]. Moreover, Higher studies options are also available to LLB graduates in India [3].

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